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Our Faith Based Organizations have linked together to initiate an anti-violence movement Bridging The Gap with FIVE Programs.

The First Program is...


Our literacy campaign reaching thousands across our Cities regarding anti-violence related matters such as: Gang Violence, Domestic Abuse, Road Rage, Bullying, Child Abuse, Gun Violence, Spousal Abuse, Sexual Assault, Elderly Abuse, Workplace Violence, Women's Abuse and Human Trafficking.

The Second Program is...


town hall meetings, an Anti-Violence Movement that will bridge the gap between our community along with our community leaders with quarterly community meetings involving political leaders, law enforcement community leaders, gangs, youth and young adult business community, educational community, faith based leaders and citizens of the local community reaching thousands to create a vision for change!

The Third Program is...

Youth & young adult employment opportunities bridging the gap for employment by providing jobs for high school students.


The job opportunities consist of: Teachers Aid, Data Entry, Receptionist, Food Service, Landscaping, Janitorial Service, Recreational Aid, Field Trip Monitors, and summer camp staff. The jobs will be provided through our faith based organizations and collaborative partnerships with year round job placement opportunities.

The Fourth Program is...


Our faith based initiative collaborative will Bridge The Gap by providing mentors who will provide counseling in the areas of: Motivation, Direction, Coaching, Inspiration, Workforce Training, Violence Prevention, and Success Resolutions.

Glass Trophy Award Mockup.png

The Fifth Program is...


AGAPE Awards. The purpose of the Agape Awards is to Honor Community Leaders who have come together to support each other in building and enhancing the lives of Families and Communities. Through these efforts we create an audience. To acknowledge their accomplishments and their tireless efforts in working towards a collaboration of Hope, Faith and Renewed Trust in one another as one community.


The AGAPE Awards now Bridges The Gaps with the Awarded Keys for Success in Education, Government, Faith Based, and the Corporate Community. Progress towards Goals and Accomplishments.


  • Youth and Young Adult Leaders

  • Educational Leaders

  • Community Leaders

  • Faith Based Leaders

  • Law Enforcement

  • Political Leaders

  • & Business Leaders

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